Eddie Stobart and Aggregate Industries Partnership Commences

Following months of preparation, the Eddie Stobart and Aggregate Industries partnership goes live, with trucks and specialist equipment now making deliveries all over the UK, bringing with them a new and improved customer service model. 

Since the partnership was announced earlier this year, Eddie Stobart has staffed a brand new traffic office centred around the new work and has created numerous specialist driving roles. The Aggregate Industries contract will have a dedicated team of driving, operations, customer service and HSEQ staff, plus its own partner haulier operations desk.

This bolstering of the staff supports both companies’ focus upon health, safety and quality. Eddie Stobart will assume management of the partner hauliers and is looking forward to working with them to build upon health, safety and quality standards while drawing on their expertise and years of experience to develop new standards for the industry. Eddie Stobart will also offer their industry-accredited training to partner hauliers.

Aggregate Industries now has the ability to track every one of their loads in real time, with Eddie Stobart’s newly enhanced IT systems. From this they can monitor each load’s turnaround time, the reduction of which is high on the agenda in order to support the main focus of the partnership; to continually improve the service to the end customer. 

Alex Laffey, Eddie Stobart CEO said: “Here at Eddie Stobart we think of the end customer as our own. This is reflected in the levels of service we provide across the board. Behind the scenes, in preparation for the contract commencement, representatives of every key function from both Eddie Stobart and Aggregate Industries have been working very closely to provide a one-team approach and allow both companies to hit the ground running to make the transition all the more seamless for the end customers.”

Simon Marriott, Concrete Products Director at Aggregate Industries, comments: “We’re excited that our new partnership with Eddie Stobart has commenced. We’ve spent the last few months gearing up for the changeover and, now the trucks are on the road, our customers will start to see the benefit of this partnership, including a more flexible, innovative and safer service.”