Rob Brown Finalist for Microlise HGV Hero Award

The HGV Hero award recognises the important work that drivers do in the community and is given to a driver who has performed a heroic deed to help a member of the public while carrying out their day-to-day work.    

On 21 December 2016 at around 5pm Rob was heading to Dagenham when he saw a drunk driver crash into another car containing a young lady and her mother. Rob attended the scene and comforted the young driver, who was trapped in the car, and supported her neck, which had sustained injuries in the collision. He remained with her for more than two hours while fire fighters cut off the car’s roof and pulled her from the wreck.

Despite being hailed as a hero Rob remains modest, saying “It was nothing. I was more proud of the young lady, who didn’t lose it throughout the harrowing experience.”

The prize for making it to the final three was a Porsche experience day at Silverstone on 2 May, where Rob drove a 911, a Boxster, a Carrera and a Cayenne, on- and off-road. He said of the experience, “It was awesome, and educational, learning how to control the car at high speeds and in a skid. It’s just like safely controlling an HGV when you hit some black ice.”

He went on to say “I am honoured to be a finalist, and very grateful to have been nominated by my operations team.”

Each year Microlise, Eddie Stobart Logistics’ telematics provider, hosts the Microlise Driver of the Year awards, which this year will be held on 17 May at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry. With the help of the University of Nottingham, they analyse data captured from over 120,000 drivers, covering more than 18 million journeys and over 2 billion miles to find the top performing drivers in the country, as well as presenting nominated awards for outstanding drivers.