Steady Eddie Magnetic Board Game (SE005)

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Great for long journeys, picnics or wet afternoons in a caravan, this four game magnetic board game set will keep the whole family entertained.

Suitable for ages 4+

Not suitable for children under 4 as contains small parts.

Game 1: Pick-Pack-Go (4 in a row)

Play as either Timo or Belcher and take it in turns to place one counter on the game . The first person who lines up a straight row of 4 of their own counters horizontally, vertically or diagonally across the board is the winner! Players: 2.

Game 2: Spaghetti Junction (Ludo)

Choose a character and place four of your counters on the coloured home square. Take it in turns to spin the spinner and start moving one of your counters around the game board that number of spaces. Move clockwise once around the board and then travel up your coloured path to the home star in the centre of the board. Then you can start on the next delivery, moving the next counter around the board game in the same way. The winner is the first person to have all four of their counters on their coloured home star! Players: 2-4.

Game 3: Short Cuts and Diversions (Snakes and Ladders)

Choose a character counter and place it on the 'Go' square. Take turns to spin the spinner and move forward the same number of spaces along the board. If you come across any bridges you can take a shortcut, but watch out, if you hit a diversion you will have to follow it back down the board! The winner is the person who makes the first delivery. Players: 2-4.

Game 4: Truck Convoy (Draughts)

Play as either Timo or Belcher and layout the twelve counters in the traditional draughts fashion, red squares facing each other on opposite sides. Then proceed with a game of draughts. The winner is the last person with counters left on the board. Players: 2.