Steady Eddie Spotter Book (SE020)

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This 20 page Spotting Booklet is a great way to keep younger members of the family entertained on long car journeys or wet weekends.

Steady Eddie and the team from Greenville travel hundreds of miles every week delivering goods around the country and they know how tiring and boring long journeys can be. To make your journeys more enjoyable Steady Eddie asked the gang to come up with some great games for you to play while your on the move. Tess and Timo really enjoy spotting Eddie Stobart trucks and have come up with several great spotting games, whereas Pointz and Tina really enjoy colouring in and have got Steady Eddie to draw some great pictures. Even Terry and Belcher have got in on the act with a great eye spy and spot the difference games. Steady Eddie would also like to mention that many of the games are made even more fun if you get all the family to play.

Comes with 4 A4 sticker sheets.

Suitable for ages 4+