Volvo FH & Curtainside Trailer (OD1605)

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The new Volvo FH series was launched in 2012, it was as the predecessor of one
of the world’s most successful trucks ever built. For 19 years, Volvo FH had been
an icon in the truck industry. Needless to say, expectations were high, but the new
FH delivered on all fronts and more. The model featured here is from Oxford's
"Gauge" range and features one of the fleets most famous trucks Phoebe Grace,
which was driven by Trucks and Trailers star Mark Dixon. It is coupled to a tri axle
curtainside Trailer.

Truck Details: Registration KR13 VYD, Name Phoebe Grace, Fleet No H4948

Manufacturer: Oxford

Scale: "N" Gauge

Oxford Product Number: NVOL4001